My Photography

I love to write. But over the last several years I’ve fallen in love with digital photography. When I began, my skills and equipment were limited. Yet, I loved discovering and capturing that special image that transcends words. I used a few different cameras to take my photos — an iPhone, a Canon PowerShot A620 and a Nikon D40x.

In 2015 I upgraded my camera to the Sony a6000 and purchased several lenses and basic lighting equipment. Then in late 2017, I purchased a Sony A7r3.

If you’re interested, you can view my images on my personal Instagram and professional Instagram accounts and on my photography website. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

As of June 2019, I’ve also restarted my photoblog. This is a small place on the internet where I can practice pausing, observing and reflecting on the beauty and extraordinariness in our Father’s world.

3 thoughts on “My Photography

  1. Jason, Greetings to you from Arizona. I rejoice in your journey. Thank you for your courage, and love for God and people everywhere. I became a follower of Christ in 1982, and in 1983 I departed North America for 20 years; living in The Middle East, East Africa, and Europe. My wife is from Denmark. I came back to the USA and quite frankly was confused to fine so many followers talking about missional this and that, as though it was some new methodology.

    Life is rich and God is good. I am thankful that the Lord has been using my journey to speak to others … to launch out and take hold of Jesus. Keep giving your life away. Gal. 6:9


    a global citizen

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