Free Hugs

I came across this YouTube video through Presentation Zen. It’s a great concept and tells a wonderful story through image and music.

I came across this YouTube video through Garr Reynold’s blog, Presentation Zen. It’s a great concept and tells a wonderful story through image and music. It was what I needed tonight to make me smile.

Also, the Miniature Earth presentation mentioned in Garr’s blog is great as well.

3 thoughts on “Free Hugs

  1. That was an interesting and emotional video to watch. I almost started crying as he was joined by others who wanted to be a part of his “giving” experiment. I was thinking at first about how hard and awkward it was for him to make that first effort to put himself in that position. Then I was thinking about how scared everyone is. Almost all of the people on the street have this automatic suspicion that this guy has motives. (probably deviant) I was thinking that myself. I guess I think too much. But I was also thinking that it would be great if he only had good motives and people could know that and accept his hugs with childlike appreciation and pleasure. That would be very healing and beneficial. What was going through your head as you watched it?

  2. Hi Deb, I think what you said in your comment demonstrates the tension of the “Now and Not Yet” that we find ourselves in. We are both noble yet broken people, living in a good yet broken creation. We know Christ has inaugurated God’s future New Creation by his resurrection, a reality of restored and reconciled community. Yet, we live in the harsh reality of a world where distortion and deviance also abide. And so, we as Christ’s apprentices have to stand in the place of pain with open arms and interceding hearts. That’s so hard because we will often find ourselves battered and bruised like Christ.

    I was feeling similar things as you when I first watched the video. I probably would have been one of the people that passed him by. But then I noticed, it only took one or two people to risk. And the trickle turned into a stream and eventually a flood. And even when the authorities tried to prevent it, the flood was uncontainable. That’s how God’s New Creation takes place. People of faith, taking the necessary risk so that others may watch and join in.

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