The Little Things

Only 30 minutes to go in my last full day at Asian Access. You know, it’s the little things that can broadside you emotionally. Here are a couple of examples:

1. The Asian Access office is only 5 minutes from my home. Occasionally, Debbie will bring the younger kids by my office to say “Hi” on their way to school. Today, Debbie brought Danielle and Chris to the office before school. I was talking with Chris and I said, “You know, today is my last day here at Asian Access.” He said quietly, “I know.” I asked him, “How does that make you feel?” “Sad.” “Why?” “Because I won’t be able to visit you at the office anymore.” Gulp.

2. Since I live so close, Debbie will often bring breakfast to my office and we’ll eat together before she goes to work. This morning, I was involved in some busy stuff when the phone rang. It was Deb. She asked, “So what do you want for our last breakfast together at your work?” The realization that I wouldn’t be having breakfast with my wife at work for a long time hit me like a ton of bricks. Gulp.

3. Washing out my Asian Access coffee mug. Usually every morning around 10:30, the office staff stops everything to have coffee together and share each other’s lives. Usually my mug sits on my desk. But this afternoon, I washed it and put in the work room with all the other mugs. Gulp.

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