Good Orthodox Resources

I am truly a beginner to Eastern Orthodoxy, which quite frankly is very humbling. While I conceptually grasp some of the doctrines, Orthodoxy is much more than just a theological shift. In Orthodoxy, if I understand it correctly, the Church’s theology, worship and life all go together. So I probably won’t really get an adequate feel for Orthodoxy until my family and I join a parish.But since that won’t happen for about another month at least, I continue to learn through reading and listening. So I wanted to share an Orthodox resource that I have found helpful. It’s the blog and podcast by Father Stephen. You can read his blog HERE and you can listen to his podcast HERE. Also, if you click THIS LINK, it will subscribe you to his podcast via iTunes.Also, click HERE to hear a great conversation with Dr. Eve Tibbs from Fuller Seminary about the differences between the Christian East and West.Enjoy!

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