“You Can Never Worship God Too Much”

That’s what Chris, my eight year old son, said today. I was talking to the kids about our family’s experience of Eastern Orthodoxy during the last four months.

Wow! He’s so right. Exploring Eastern Orthodoxy has opened up our experience of corporate worship more than we could imagine. We’ve moved from an experience of corporate worship being 30 minutes of singing followed by a sermon to services (often a couple hours long) filled with incense, icons, candles, an altar, bowing, crossing ourselves, ancient prayers and hymns, vestments and the Eucharist. Worship is now such a full experience.

And it’s all about and for God! You really can’t worship God too much.

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One thought on ““You Can Never Worship God Too Much”

  1. That little guy can really come up with some big things to say! God bless him.

    Thanks for being such a good example to our kids. And thanks for being a man that loves God with a big heart, full of love.

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