Bright Week

As a newbie to Eastern Orthodoxy, I’m trying to learn stuff as fast as I can. Well, this week is Bright Week. For Orthodox, Bright Week begins a time of celebration that lasts until Pentecost. And during this period, because of the reality of Jesus’ resurrection, Orthodox do things a little different. Below is a list of things that are done during Bright Week. I first heard this list on the Orthodixie pocast. Mark was able to find these items through the This Side of Glory blog.

  • During Bright Week, our prayers in church and at home are sung and not read as we sing all week the feast of the risen Christ: Christ is risen!
  • During Bright Week, we do not read from the psalter at home or in church for the prophecies have been fulfilled: Christ is risen!
  • During the entire Paschal season there is no prostrating or kneeling permitted in church or at home for we stand with the resurrected Christ: Christ is risen! [Ha! I did remember that one. Hooray!]
  • During the Paschal season we begin all of our prayers at home and in church by singing the troparion of Pascha: “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!”
  • During the Paschal season and extending to Pentecost, we do not pray “O Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth…” for the Comforter comes on Pentecost. Christ is risen

Christ is Risen! Truly he is risen!

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2 thoughts on “Bright Week

  1. Our kids sure do love to sing out “Christ is risen from the dead..” That is how I have been waking them up in the mornings. Nobody had complained about it at all and there seems to be a cheerier atmosphere in the house these last few mornings.

  2. On the mornings when I leave a bit later, I hear you singing “Christ is risen from the dead…” and it makes me smile. When we sang it last night after all the chaos of dinner preparations, I could feel the atmosphere in the room change immediately.

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