3 thoughts on “Mandles!

  1. My husband listened to that the other day, interrupted by my amused commenting that “I’m pretty sure Yoder Candle *has* that scent” now and then.

    They do have a whole bunch of “men’s scents” along with the typical floral and food and such – Harness Shop (or as us citified people call it, “Wilson Leather”), Campfire Smoke (which smells really neat, but I’m reasonably sure I’d be running around thinking the house was on fire), and I forget what all (I’m not finding their whole list online anymore).

    I was really tempted to give away a two-pack for Christmas one year: “Fudge Brownie” and “Loco Weed.”

  2. What’s so funny is that I used to have a CPA group that met for breakfast at Covina Bowl–where my mother bowled 35 years ago. It smelled exactly the same as back then!

  3. as a man myself i wish there were more manly scents availible i like my house to smell nice but i don’t want my bachelor pad to smell like daisys something a little more manly would be nice!!!!

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