Happy Anniversary!

Today, Debbie and I celebrate nineteen years of marriage! She is not only my wife and mother of our children, but my best friend. There isn’t a person in this world I’d rather be with than Debbie. I miss her every morning when I leave for work and look forward each day to reuniting with her in the afternoon. Because of Debbie, I’m a better man. And I’m daily amazed at how she can bear the wounds of my insensitivity, selfishness and sin and still give herself wholly to me for the rest of her life. She is truly God’s gift to me. She incarnates beauty, compassion, wisdom, courage and so many other tremendous qualities. I love you, Deb!

The following picture was taken when we were dating about twenty years ago. (Yeah, I know I had big hair back then.)

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7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Can’t believe we get to have you guys as best friends. God has been so wonderful to Barb and I and we wish you many, many years with an ever deepening love.

    Love you guys

  2. May God continue you to bless you with many more years together! Fr. Michael and I celebrated 22 years on Aug. 17th!

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