The Last Single-Digit Birthday!

Today, my youngest child, Christopher, turned NINE YEARS OLD! Happy Birthday, Chris!

Chris is such a charming, witty and observant young man. He has always had an incredible comedic timing and I love laughing at his humor. And there are times when we’re talking that I forget he’s only nine. I have enjoyed watching him grow up and I’m proud to be his dad.

Below is a video I took of him about five years ago. He had such a cute lisp when he was four.

And in a flash, he’s nine!

To help celebrate his birthday, Debbie worked late into the night baking cupcakes. Then she and the kids worked hard this morning transforming them into “hamburger” cupcakes to take to Chris’ class. They turned out great.


Next year, all of my kids will be in the double-digits. I miss my babies. But I love my kids and I’m so thrilled by the kind of wonderful men and women they are growing into.

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