Happy Birthday, Debbie!

IMG_4866.JPGToday is Debbie’s birthday. I really believe that my wife is the greatest thing I have going for me in life. Everyday I’m filled with amazement that she chose to take my name and give me her life. She is truly God’s gift to me and I cherish her with everything I have. She’s my best friend and there isn’t another person on this planet with whom I would rather spend time. I love her humor, her intelligence, her compassion, and her wit. And, boy, is she a Looker! We have shared the greatest moments of our lives together. We’ve cried, laughed, yelled and whispered as husband and wife, now going on twenty years. And God willing, we will journey together and grow more deeply in love for decades to come.

There’s a commercial on TV that shows a young couple strolling past an elderly couple, who are slowly walking and holding hands. That’s my vision of a life well-lived. I want to be holding hands with my best friend and lover when we’re old and wrinkly. I want to see her look at me and smile with that twinkle that is for me alone.

I love you, Debbie. Happy Birthday!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Debbie!

  1. AWWW! That was so sweet! Thank you for loving me so much! You are a wonderful husband and I look forward to growing old with you and holding your hand through all that life brings us.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Debbie!

    Jason, your love for Debbie is evident, not just by what you write (which is eloquent), but more importantly how you live your life. God bless both of you! May 2009 be a year full of God’s richest blessings for you and your wonderful family.

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