Happy 17th Birthday, Michael!

michaelToday, my oldest son, Michael, turns 17! Yesterday, I was browsing through some pictures of him, remembering him as a baby and young boy. He’s grown into such a handsome young man. He’s only about an inch shorter than me right now.

I remember when my relationship with my dad shifted from a father/son relationship into more of a mutual friendship. I was only a couple years older than Michael. That day is quickly approaching with my son and I look forward to developing a deeper adult friendship with him. Michael, I’m proud of you. You’re an intelligent, creative and all-around amazing person.

4 thoughts on “Happy 17th Birthday, Michael!

  1. I have thought of this post for some time… I truely think that you are blessed. What else is a greater joy than to rejoice on one’s children and see what wonderful people they’ve come to be and what’s more, when the children themselves express their gratitude and love and recognition to the parent for his/her support and affection. I am still unmarried and have no family but, in all honesty, if right now I was given the choice money & outstanding success in work & fame & etc etc on one hand and this kind of family on the other, I would choose this kind of family hands down. Money, success, fame they are nice but fleeting phantoms of vanity. Love is all that matters, and in this post and its comments I see so much of it, I am almost jealous. God bless you.

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