Steve Robinson is Disappearing… and Reappearing

SteveI’m always saddened when I learn that someone who has been a great influence in my life decides to stop their ministry. Even though I may have never met that person, I still feel like a small, but important part of me is disappearing. I guess it’s the finality of it that ultimately saddens me.

I’m feeling these emotions this morning as I read Steve Robinson latest post. Steve is the cohost of the “Our Life in Christ” podcast, which is perhaps one of the most influential Orthodox Christian podcasts on the web. For years, he and Bill Gould have shared the richness of Orthodox Christianity through their microphones. On top of that, Steve’s internet contributions also include his own podcast on Ancient Faith Radio and his personal blog.

While I’m sad that Steve is ending his podcasts, I’m thrilled about his reasons. Having given himself so much to public ministry in the past, he is now choosing to refocus his time to be with his family. He plans to spend more time with his aging parents, wife, kids and dog. That is so cool. I am very glad for him and respect his decision.

Steve, your voice on the Internet will be missed. But your decision honors the God we love and serve. May God grant you many, many years of fruitful ministry to your family and those he brings into your life.

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