Well, this is interesting. I’m quickly approaching three minor and one ginormous milestone.

First, after posting several iPhone Photos to my Flickr account this evening, I realized that I’m one image shy of 100 posted iPhone Photos. When I began the endeavor, I didn’t predict how fun it would be to take photos with my iPhone everyday. Not every photo is great. But learning to look constantly at life with different eyes is a wonderful exercise. You can view the entire set of iPhone Photos in my Flickr account HERE.

Second, I’m quickly approaching my 75th image on my photoblog, “Images from the Journey.” This has been a more serious endeavor of developing my skills at digital photography by trying to capture the beauty in the world around me along with some simple reflections about the image.

Third, this post is my 599th post on this blog. I know 600 is a random number, but it’s the nearest 100th and I thought it worth noting. I began this blog in March 2003. A lot has happened in the past six years. But as we say in the Orthodox Church, “It’s unto our salvation.” And quite frankly, I wouldn’t change a thing because I’m actually enjoying the person into which God is making me.

So what’s the major milestone? I think I’m going to save that one for the 600th post! See you then.

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