What the Holy Spirit Shows Us

I follow Jason Barker at Orthodoxresource.com. His site is a wonderful repository of Orthodox quotes. I especially enjoyed today’s quote by St Innocent of Alaska:

“But when the Holy Spirit dwells in the heart of a person, He shows him all his inner poverty and weakness, and the corruption of his heart and soul, and his separation from God; and with all his virtues and righteousness. He shows him his sins, his sloth and indifference regarding the salvation and good of people, his self-seeking in his apparently most disinterested virtues, his coarse selfishness even where he does not suspect it. To be brief, the Holy Spirit shows him everything as it really is.”

As a former charismatic and as one who still associates with people in the movement, I have claimed and still hear claims about things that the Holy Spirit has supposedly revealed. Needless to say, much of it is simply distorted passions run amuck in the guise of a prophetic voice.

But Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth. And if He is dwelling and working in us toward our salvation, then wouldn’t He show us what is true, especially about ourselves? Wouldn’t He illumine the dark crevices of our souls with the brilliance of Truth, replacing delusion with Reality? And that Reality would be our continuous and desperate need for Jesus and His kingdom.

2 thoughts on “What the Holy Spirit Shows Us

  1. Wow great quote. It goes so against the “western” way we usually think of the Holy Spirit. I am much more used to hearing the He is here to show me how much God loves me, to bring me peace, a sense of well being, an assurance of salvation… Speaking as one who once lived that way, that way of thinking brought me all those things, but left my heart hardened to the Sin that I so easily excused. To quote Met. Jonah: “it’s okay to be guilty, but not okay to FEEL guilty.” And I am the weaker for it.

  2. It seems to me that the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth including the truth about ourselves, which in one sense can be bad news if we can’t stand correction, as well as the truth of God. The Holy Spirit also guides us, teaches us, protects us, warns us of danger, consoles us and yes fills us with the joy of the Lord. For me the Holy Spirit has been a very positive loving person in my life.

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