Clearing My Throat, Finding My Voice

Reviving my blog after a couple of years has me feeling like a singer preparing for a performance after a long hiatus. I need to cough and clear my throat as well as do some vocal exercises. So please forgive the phlegm as I try to warm up. 😉

So what am I hoping to accomplish now that I’m blogging again? Like I said last time, I want this blog simply to reflect my life as I live. Important aspects of my life are my family, theology, writing, reading, movies, music and photography. So I hope all of those things will find their way into my posts.

Here are some general “bloggy” things I’ve learned as I anticipate future posts.

Keep it short. A lot of blogs I read are long and tedious. And I too have been very guilty of being tedious. I’m trying to learn the art of brevity. One blog I read is The Morning Offering by Abbot Tryphon. He provides the most nourishing spiritual nuggets in small portions. Granted, his wisdom flows from a life of devoted, ascetical life to Christ. But he shares his profundity with great concision, something I desire to learn.

Keep it kind. I also find many blogs to be angry. Differences and disagreements provide ample fodder for blog posts. Being critical of others is just too easy. Yet, God is merciful to all. So I want to avoid rants and critiques and find beauty, grace and truth.

Keep it humble. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. Honestly. I’m not a pastoral or prophetic voice. I hold no leadership position. I have no secret message that the world needs to hear. I’m just a man. If I had to describe myself, I guess I would say I’m striving to be Jesus’ apprentice as both a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church and a collaborator with God’s restorative mission in the world. So the majority of my posts will probably reflect this as I ponder life and other things.

3 thoughts on “Clearing My Throat, Finding My Voice

  1. Thanks for this post, Jason. I was beginning to feel lonely in this neck of the woods as an Eastern Orthodox Christian myself. Your three tips are nourishing…brevity, kindness and humility.

    I’m also a performing artist who took a long time out to study Orthodoxy and who has now returned with renewed zeal.

    Here’s my Easter rendition, ‘My Lord’, in Reggae style. Go here:

    Peace to you.

    1. Hi Don. I had a chance to listen to your rendition of “My Lord.” It sounded cool. Reggae isn’t my style, but I thoroughly appreciate artists who can bring a fresh expression like that. Keep up the good work.

      1. Thousand apologies mate for the spam. After sending it I realised that it was spam and was going to apologise before now but was out all day. Please forgive me. You are most gracious to respond so kindly. Thanks for your feedback despite the offence.

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