Sin Can’t Sing


“All is blessed by the hand of God, and all things are the ‘songs’ of God’s glory: even things that humans find odd, and perhaps disgusting. Ugly insects are as much part of the song of glory as graceful trees. Sin alone is not part of the song of glory. Alone in the creation it cannot sing at all.”

John Anthony McGuckin, The Orthodox Church

I enjoy watching The Voice and The Sing-Off. Yet, I can’t stand American Idol. One reason is that I absolutely hate the initial auditions. The cringe-factor is too high for me. It seems too many people think they can sing, get furious when confronted with the actual reality by professionals, and then have their delusions broadcasted for all to see.

McGuckin’s quote reminds me of those awkward American Idol moments. Sin believes it can sing. Yet try as it might, it only screeches and shrieks. Painfully. Agonizingly. Sadly, sin compounds itself, forming a choir of clamorous voices, and very quickly, it can become the dominant voice in our ears.

But we don’t have to yield to sin’s delusions. If we listen carefully, we can hear the harmonies of God’s creation, resonating with the melody of God’s glory. And since the song is in the key of Incarnation, all of us can easily find our parts and join in the chorus.

Although sin can’t sing, we can!

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