Theology Of The Demons

If You're Going To Search For Something, It Might As Well Be Love“Theology without love is the theology of the demons.” -St Simeon the New Theologian

The other day I discovered that someone felt a comment I made on Facebook was unkind. I find this ironic (I think I’m using the term correctly) in that I was trying to demonstrate that a video was wrongly accusing Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church of calling Lucifer “God” in one of its Paschal hymns. I simply stated some historical facts and then called the video “shoddy reporting.” Frankly just a little bit of historical research, which is what a reporter is supposed to do, would have clarified everything. But clickbait always uses dramatic headlines and aspersions on a person or group.

But the quote from St Simeon was used during Sunday’s homily and caught my attention. I know I am guilty of loveless “demonic theology.” I was once told, that whenever I’m asked a question, I respond with a dissertation. That’s my personality and seminary training at work. By amassing an overwhelming counter-argument, I win.

And that’s my problem. There shouldn’t be a “winner” in theology. Being right doesn’t make me right, if that makes sense. Theology must be infused with love, which is willing the good for the other person. Sometimes the “good” might be correction. But correction doesn’t come by “winning” an argument. It comes incarnationally, by being and practicing good theology, which is ultimately love.

3 thoughts on “Theology Of The Demons

  1. This is an absolutely wonderful post Jason. The Lord has been impressing upon me something similar. Just the other day, I started battling the need to manage appearances in another person. I was intentionally and actively contentious in a public meeting. All facts aside, I wasn’t focused on Christ in the moment. I went to a device, a human and likely demon supported technique to fight them. When I am focused on Christ, my inner life is saturated with prayers and thoughts of God. The temptation to become contentious doesn’t overtake me.

    1. Hey Sam! It’s good to hear from you. And thanks for sharing your experience. It’s so easy to slip into the behavior you mentioned. Thank God Christ offers away to avoid it and hopefully to be reconciled with those we offend or hurt.

      1. Yes, thankfully I saw (with God’s grace) that my contentiousness was sinful and I repented to the person. I made a point to reach out to them after the meeting and gave an honest apology. It has been good to read your posts recently. I hope your family is well.

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