The Love Of My Life

As I’ve revisited various aspects of my life, change has been the constant theme. On the cusp of my fiftieth year, it seems everything is different. My kids have grown up. Some friends have left. Some have died. We’ve left our home of twenty years. We have changed churches and tried different forms of Christianity. Careers has changed. Everything has shifted… except for two things.

The first is God. He has remained consistently awesome, good, loving, holy and comforting through everything the years have brought.

DebbieThe second is Debbie. I cannot state enough how rock-solid she has been throughout the years. While each year brings challenges and changes, she has remained a continual source of strength, love and joy.

Frankly, I’m still amazed that she chose me. Her positive outlook on life is astounding. I don’t understand how she hasn’t been completely crushed by my cynicism. Instead, her solid character has transformed me.

I could go on about her beauty, creativity, intelligence, wit, compassion, courage, generosity, imagination, gentleness, humor, faith and so many other qualities. But what astounds me the most is that by embodying Jesus to me for all these years, she has made me a better man and saved me from myself.

Debbie is the greatest expression of God’s love to me. I absolutely know he loves me because she chooses to be my wife. Any likeness to Christ that I exhibit is because of her — her steadfast faith to Jesus, her daily commitment to be my wife, her prayers for me, her long-suffering and endurance as my wife. I’m ashamed to say that she has seen me at my absolute worst. Not only seen me, but been hurt and wounded by me. I’m sure she carries unseen scars that will form her martyrs crown.

And despite everything I’ve put her through, she chooses to love me and say “I do” to me every day. And she can still give me a smile that I’ve never seen her give another person. That, my friends, is God’s love in the flesh.

BrideToday is our 27th anniversary. Twenty-seven years ago, I cried in front of a couple hundred people as the church doors opened and this amazing woman walked down the aisle to join her life with mine.

Recently, I’ve been nostalgic about so much in my life. However, I’m not nostalgic about my relationship with Debbie. Old photos and memories don’t make me long to return to something that’s changed or missing. Like I said, her love has been so rock-solid, that there’s nothing missing from prior years.

We have shared 27 wonderful years together. I love who she was when we started our journey together. I love her even more today. And I know I will love her more in our golden years and all the days in between.

I actually feel sorry for anyone who has not met Debbie and experienced the expression of God’s love that she is. She is the absolute bestest thing in my life. And like God’s grace, there isn’t a single thing I did to deserve her.

Debbie, I love you! I loved you more than I could imagine 27 years ago when we said “I do” to each other. And today, I love you even more! It fills our unknown future with hope and thanksgiving because I know whatever we encounter, we will love each other even more with each passing day, month and year.


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