God’s On His Throne

As Election Day in the US approached, I noticed several posts along the lines of, “Whoever is elected, remember that God is still on his throne.” I know these statements were offered with the best intentions, reminding us that God is still in control.

Usually, this sentiment is offered when circumstances are difficult, chaotic, and completely out of our control. It’s an encouragement not to worry and to trust God’s sovereignty during tumultuous times. And surely, God is in control. His sovereignty covers our world so that we may truly relax in the knowledge that God is in control. However, the sentiment can imply an incorrect level of passivity.

blessed-with-work-srgbIn Revelation, when God is depicted on his throne, it actually conveys a high level of active participation in his reign. Simply put, God’s sovereign good plan for his creation is for his son to save a royal priesthood, to restore the human vocation of being image-bearers and to restore Israel’s vocation of being a rescuing blessing to the nations. Thus, God is on his throne, so we, his royal priesthood, have work to do. 

Because God is on his throne, he is implementing his good plan for his creation. Because God is on his throne, he has saved a royal priesthood who will accept the image-bearing, nation-blessing vocation. Because God is on his throne, Jesus’ followers must be the New Creation in human form. Because God is on his throne, the Church must grapple with being expressions of God’s kingdom, implementing compassion, healing and justice. Because God is on the throne, Jesus’ followers must overcome and learn to be like him, the place where heaven and earth merge for the life and sake of our families, relationships, places of work, neighborhoods, nations and world.

Because God is on his throne we can get back to work.

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