A Journey Home

Last week, I flew from LAX to Austin, TX. At the airport, Chris picked me up and we began a three-day drive back to California. Chris was coming home! Over the three days in the car, in hotels, on walks, and at meals, we talked about God, the Bible, the vastness of the universe and time, music, relationships, human brokenness, and God’s abounding love.

The last time Chris and I traveled together in 2018, I was trying to help him discern a calling to monastic life. After that trip, he commented to someone, “I would have been lost without my dad.” In the three and half years since that trip, Chris has grown and matured. He could have made this trip from Texas to California by himself. But he wanted me to join him. On this trip, I felt more his friend than his dad.

I think that is what made the conversations and moments so special for me. We asked questions, shared opinions and values, laughed and pondered, and encouraged each other as friends and peers.

As I’ve thought about our trip together, it reminded me that we’re all traveling home in one way or another. While we could travel alone, it’s better when we choose our travel companions for the journey. And it’s an honor when we’re chosen to be someone’s travel companion.

On the journey, hopefully we’re both formed a little more into Jesus’ likeness by the lives shared with each other. It makes the journey home that much sweeter.

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