Oh, I Forgot to Mention…

  …Michael caught a duck.

I was going through the photos on my cell phone and came across these photos. Here’s the back story:

Every Saturday, we have brunch with Debbie’s parents and her youngest brother. Just down the street from one of the restaurants we frequent is a mortuary with a small gated fountain/pond with ducks. The kids walked to the mortuary while we finished brunch. As we were leaving the restaurant to pick them up, we received a call on the cell phone. “Mom! Michael caught a duck! Can we keep it?” One of the ducks somehow got on the other side of the fence and Michael was able to catch it.

I love what his t-shirt says, “This is what cool looks like.” Yup. It certainly is.

We didn’t keep the duck. We released it back into “the wild” of the mortuary.

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