Truth & Love

I’ve been thinking a bit more about Truth. This isn’t a new thought, but more of a slight restatement of a thought from yesterday’s post. Jesus is The Truth. Truth is a person. Therefore, we know The Truth through sharing lives (koinonia, communion) with Him. And since this deep life-sharing relationship is the primary way to know The Truth, then the same kind of deep life-sharing relationships with others is the environment through which we share The Truth. We know The Truth through Love and we share The Truth through Love.

Truth is incarnated through Love. Truth is known through Love. Truth is shared through Love.

Fr Stephen & “Is Relationship with God What We Want?”

Things have been pretty busy as we draw to the end of another school year. So I haven’t had much time or energy to blog. But I’m still here.

Since I don’t have much to say, I wanted to point to someone who does. This week, I listened to a podcast that really spoke volumes to me. It’s by Fr Stephen Freeman and is entitled “Is Relationship with God What We Want?” It’s about fifteen minutes long and you can listen to it HERE or subscribe to his podcast at the iTunes store.

Fr Stephen does a fine job examining the word “koinonia” as it’s used in the New Testament. The word doesn’t really mean “fellowship.” Rather, it means “participation” and “communion.” The Church is not a fellowship — an association of like-minded people. Rather, it’s to be participation in one another’s lives, communion with each other.

Anyway, I’m not doing his podcast justice. Listen to it and allow God to speak. 

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