Winter Break

house-in-the-snowThis quick post is simply to say that I will be taking a short break until the new year. Nothing big. My goal is to spend quality time with my family, reading, writing and taking photos — all the things I love! I’ll be back sometime in early 2017, God willing. Until then, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here’s a short excerpt from “The Akathist of Thanksgiving” that my youngest son, Chris, found and sent me. May your holidays be filled with awe, love, thanksgiving and worship.

Glory to You, Who called me to life,
Glory to You, Who have shown me the beauty of the universe,
Glory to You, Who have opened before me the sky and the earth as an eternal book of wisdom,
Glory to the eternity of You, in the midst of the world of time,
Glory to You, for Your hidden and evident goodness,
Glory to You, for every sigh of my sadness,
Glory to You, for every step of my life, for every moment of joy,
Glory to You, O God, unto ages of ages.

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